TRC #535: Border Walls In History with Professor Buzzkill

With Darren and Adam away, Pat and Cristina have a chat with historian and author Joe Coohill.  Better known as Professor Buzzkill from the podcast of the same name, Joe recently put out an interesting episode about border walls in history; why they were built and whether on not they worked.  We then turn the show over to Joe for his episode on the topic.

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Border Walls In History

Walls: A History of Civilization in Blood and Brick – David Frye

Professor Buzzkill Site

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Professor Buzzkill on Twitter

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2 Responses to TRC #535: Border Walls In History with Professor Buzzkill

  1. Rich W. says:

    Prof. Buzzkill is pretty great. I definitely feel like the border wall is really designed to keep U.S. citizens “in” by being a big ol’ symbol of fear. At best, physical walls are just a speedbump; at worst, they foster a false sense of security. (Ligne Maginot comes to mind.)

    David Macaulay’s Built to Last also had a fun line about how the wall around a (fictional) new city – which was necessary in the beginning – was considered nothing but an inconvenience before a hundred years had passed. (The book is interesting enough for adults and teens, but it’s also written so you can read it with your elementary-school age kids.)

  2. Thanks, Rich W! Please spread the word about the Professor Buzzkill podcast and YouTube channel. And please do the same for the wonderful folks at The Reality Check! – Professor Buzzkill

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