TRC #523: Anti-Vax Article Update + Beauty Product Claims + Brief History Of Early Life + Trump’s Offspring US Citizens?

Hey Checkers! First, a heartfelt thank you on this Remembrance Day to those who serve or have served to protect our freedoms. Adam kicks off this week’s show with an update on the anti-vax article that was published then quickly removed by the Toronto Sun newspaper. Cristina’s girlfriends inspire an update on beauty product claims where she explains industry laws and teaches us which claims to be leery of. Next, Darren continues his “Brief History…” series with a look at early life on Earth. Finally, Adam asks, “Would Donald Trump’s many children, born to immigrant mothers, be US citizens if it weren’t for birthright citizenship?”

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Anti-Vax Article Update

OPINION: Facts matter more than opinion when it comes to vaccines – Toronto Sun

Beauty Product Claims

Is Creme de La Mer just a giant scam?

Daily Mail: Creme de la Mer Ingredients

Vox: Creme de la Mer lawsuit

Canada: Cosmetic Advertising

FDA: Cosmetics

Jezebel: Assume most skincare is grade a bullshit

Atlantic: Pseudoscience of beauty products

Daily Mail: Beauty Science is bogus

Chemists Corner

Healthline: Cosmetic labels

Brief History Of Early Life

Wikipedia – Timeline

New Scientist – Evolution of Life

Wikipedia – Eukaryote

Wikipedia – Archaea

PBS – Nova

Trump’s Offspring US Citizens

Did Barron Trump Benefit from Birthright Citizenship? –

Nations Granting Birthright Citizenship – NumbersUSA

Would Donald Trump Deport His Children? – Snopes

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2 Responses to TRC #523: Anti-Vax Article Update + Beauty Product Claims + Brief History Of Early Life + Trump’s Offspring US Citizens?

  1. Rich Wilson says:

    +1 for Luka/LUCA 🙂 Special thanks to Suzanne Vega for helping me develop an interest in indie music later in life… whether or not she’s technically considered “indie” by aficionado standards.

    Oh, and speaking of how big-label music hasn’t given me two milligrams of enjoyment since the early ’90s, how accurate is Thoughty2’s explanation, “The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful”? [20:00] As someone who knows what almost a whole one-third of the buttons in GoldWave do, the technical argument seems to fit my own beliefs… which is all the more reason why I should question it; and I always find the discussion of the business side of things pretty cool too.

    Anyway, thanks as always for the great podcast.

  2. Fredrik Viklund says:

    +1 and a shoutout to Cristina for the “did you get the Luka joke” request. I just loved the joke and also that Darrren didn’t get it. But to be honest it’s not very new. Yes, I think we’ve seen it before. 🙂
    Thanks for a great show!

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