TRC #512: Does Cough Medicine Work? + Mosquito Prevalence + Amelia Earhart Distress Signals

This week, Cristina takes a hard look at the evidence behind cough medicine and whether it lives up to our ‘hacking’ expectations. Darren looks at what causes mosquito populations to flourish or shrink. Finally, Adam brings us another Amelia Earhart segment because this one just won’t ‘fly away’. (Too soon?) Welcome to another episode of TRC!

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Does Cough Medicine Work?

NY Mag: Your Cough Syrup Probably Isn’t Doing Anything

Science Based Medicine

YouTube: Reactions – Does Cough Medicine Work?

The BMJ: Systematic Review Cough Medication

Cough Medicine’s Effect Is Mainly Placebo

Science Direct



NIH: Cough

CNN: Does Cough Syrup Work?

FDA:  Most Young Children With Cough Or Cold Don’t Need Medicine

Harvard Medical School: Cough

Wikipedia: Cough Medicine

Mosquito Prevalence

The Conversation   

Annual Review of Physiology

Amelia Earhart Distress Signals

Amelia Earhart – Search Results – The Reality Check


The Post-Loss Radio Signals – TIGHAR

Skywave – Wikipedia

Could Betty Have Heard Amelia Earhart on a Harmonic? – TIGHAR

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4 Responses to TRC #512: Does Cough Medicine Work? + Mosquito Prevalence + Amelia Earhart Distress Signals

  1. Paul Buhler says:

    I remember the “Headline” joke from the comic strip Bloom County. Still gives me a chuckle.

  2. davidlpf says:

    Saint John NB
    St, John’s Nfld

    • Pat says:

      Thanks David. We got a couple of people pointing out the error. Adam traced it back to an error in an article he was referencing but we still should have caught it.

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