TRC #463: Google Memo + Eclipse Myths + Do Twins Run In the Family Or Skip A Generation?

Darren is back and he has some thoughts about the ongoing reporting and discussions related to the Google memo. In preparation for the solar eclipse on August 21, Cristina checks into some commonly held beliefs about Eclipses. Lastly, Adam looks into the ideas that twins run in the family and skip a generation.

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Google Memo

Full Memo

Eclipse Myths

Washington Post: Eclipse Myths Busted

Washington Post: What Happens If You Watch The Eclipse Without Special Glasses?

NASA: Eclipse 2017 – Gravitational Effects

Washington Post: How To Watch The Eclipse With Your Kids

NASA Eclipse 2017 – Misconceptions

Space: Eclipse Frequency

Time And Date: Solar Eclipse Myths

Mirror UK: Weirdest Eclipse Rituals

Live Science: Can The Solar Eclipse Blind You?

Do Twins Run In The Family Or Skip A Generation?

The Claim: Twins Always Skip a Generation – The New York Times

Understanding Genetics

The Twin Gene: Do Twins Run in Families – Verywell

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